mySidewalk 101

Every Tuesday @ 10am - 11am CST
Every Thursday @ 2pm - 3pm CST

This introduction to the mySidewalk platform walks you step-by-step through how to create your own on-the-fly, data-driven reports using over 2,000 national datasets available in mySidewalk. This webinar is held twice a week, every week, to fit in your busy schedule.

Recent Webinars:

Commit to Innovative Community Engagement in 2019

We dig into how you can use demographic data to tailor public outreach strategies and methods for unique communities. Public involvement is an effective and necessary way to identify the needs of a wide variety of stakeholders, including individuals who may face challenges and barriers to participation in a city’s normal engagement processes.

Data can help you identify these individuals, uncover the specific challenges they face (both as they relate to engagement and to specific policies), and offer ideas for mitigating or overcoming those challenges. The webinar shows you how to use mySidewalk to improve outreach to individuals who will be directly affected by your work. You'll learn how to find important insights about any community, neighborhood, or study area.

Finding the Data Story in Your Opportunity Zones

Opportunity Zones are a new federal economic development tool designed to spur development in economically distressed neighborhoods. Every Opportunity Zone has a story and attracting positive, effective investment will hinge on the City's ability to tell it well. This webinar shows how to use mySidewalk to discover key strengths and needs in your local Opportunity Zones and turn what you learn into a visual, data-driven story highlighting the true opportunity in each zone.

In just half an hour, you'll learn important insights about your Opportunity Zones and leave with a resource you can use right away to educate and excite stakeholders - and we'll stick around after the webinar to answer questions about how you can continue to develop the story by leveraging the data and tools available in mySidewalk.