MindMixer, one of the most powerful online community engagement tools in the industry, is back.

Over the past 7 years we’ve learned that to truly help organizations build stronger communities and make more informed decisions, they need to be able to rely on both quantitative and qualitative data.

After having hundreds of conversations with our customers, we've realized that while mySidewalk has grown into a powerful quantitative data tool, MindMixer remains a stronger qualitative community engagement solution.

For our current products, this means:

  • As of December 31, 2017 public profiles and map annotations will no longer be offered as a part of the mySidewalk product. Any open discussions (on public profiles) will end on December 31, 2017. 

  • MindMixer will be the sole engagement solution offered by mySidewalk.

The mySidewalk team will continue building tools that make data easier to use and citizen feedback easier to collect. Best of all, we will be rolling out ways for the two products to enhance each other (stay tuned for more details).

Got questions? A-okay. Below are a few we've anticipated. If you do not see yours on the list, email us at hello@mySidewalk.com. Also, be sure to visit the MindMixer website for more information. 

Why does MindMixer matter?

People don’t always have two hours on a Tuesday night to attend a city council meeting. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t care about their community’s future. In fact at mySidewalk, we know people care. We know because we’ve worked with thousands of local leaders to help them connect with passionate residents through transparent, meaningful and productive online conversations. It’s those experiences that make us who we are.


Anatomy of MindMixer

How does MindMixer work?

MindMixer offers the nation’s largest suite of best-in-class engagement technology. Participants can engage in a variety of ways with our interactive, mobile-friendly application. Invite community members to participate in a two-way dialogue with leaders, vote in polls, and earn rewards. Integrate your organization's MindMixer site with your website, mobile devices, and social media tools to make it easier than ever for residents to get involved.

Ways citizens engage on Mindmixer

Ways to Engage on MindMixer

Here are a few organizations that have seen some pretty incredible results using MindMixer:

So—What's the difference between MindMixer and mySidewalk?

Our goal is to help city leaders and the public improve and innovate together. Today, we offer two products to help them do that. 

mySidewalk is a city intelligence tool designed to help local government analysts get data out of silos and into operational, strategic, and policy decisions.

MindMixer is a powerful online engagement platform that has helped more than 1,200 organizations start conversations with people who care about their communities.

Where can I learn more? 

Email us directly at hello@mySidewalk.com or fill out the form below. We're happy to walk you through both tools and see what applies most to your work.  

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