mySidewalk Updates ACS 2016 in Census Times Series

Census time series data in mySidewalk have now been updated to include the most recent ACS 2012-2016 5 Year estimates. That means that the Census projections for 2016, 2018, and 2020 have been regenerated with the updated time series. Now, mySidewalk users can view projections at all levels of geography in the platform. The projections for 2016 are particularly useful because they can serve as a rough proxy for the ACS 2016 1-year estimates, which cover a limited geographic extent.

Below are a few examples of the types of visuals that are instantly available now for all geographies.

interactive Time series Maps: 

Population Time Series Data mySidewalk
Change in HouseHolds Time Series mySidewalk

INteractive Time Series Line Graphs:  

Change in Population mySidewalk
Change in Households mySidewalk

For more information on the methodology supporting the mySidewalk Census projections, see the Harmonization and Projection help documents.

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