Where and How to Make an Impact Using Data

Determine the strength of a relationship between two datasets, identify areas in need, and add local data to any analysis, map, or report with the latest releases from mySidewalk. 

Data Correlations

Advanced mathematics, design, and data munging often get in the way of telling a compelling, data-driven story. With our new correlations feature, city leaders and performance analysts can test and confirm a hypotheses in just a few simple clicks. 

mySidewalk correlations enable any user to:

  • Quickly visualize the relationship and distribution of any two variables
  • Determine and define the strength of correlation between any two variables
  • View a correlation at any geography, including boundaries uploaded or drawn in the mySidewalk tool
mySidewalk Correlations.gif

Want to go deeper? Below is a link to an article that will walk you through the basics of correlations and, more importantly, show you how to find and measure them in mySidewalk. 

Map Filtering

Interpreting data is just one of the many steps it takes to measure progress on the story you're trying to tell. It's also important to prioritize places to determine where the most impact can be made. With map filtering in reports, city leaders can easily determine where their help is needed and take action with confidence. 

mySidewalk filters help users:  

  • Filter any dataset (including locally uploaded data) by any geography (neighborhoods, city council districts, census-defined geographies and/or local boundaries uploaded or drawn in the mySidewalk tool)

  • Set filter type (value or percentile) 

  • Select filtering conditions (all, any, range, between, at least, at most, greater than, less than, equal, not equal) 

  • Add multiple layers with filters to a map 

mySidewalk Filtering.gif

Local Data Upload

The most successful mySidewalk customers have found key insights using their local data. With the ability to submit a data upload request, customers can add in their local data (311, crime, building appraisal data) to use in combination with thousands of national datasets already available in the tool. This becomes particularly powerful with the new correlations feature. Simply submit a request here and our team will add your data into mySidewalk. Note that turnaround time is dependent on file size. 

Local data upload requests allow users to: 

  • Visualize and run analyses on local data in maps for reports 

  • Combine local data with any of the 2,000+ datasets already available in mySidewalk

mySidewalk Local Data Upload.gif

If you’ve got questions, shoot us an email at hello@mySidewalk.com or sign into data.mySidewalk.com to chat with a member of our team.

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