Show progress and growth. Don't just talk about it. 

Communicate progress on key indicators, provide context about what's happening, and share valuable insights about the impact of the city’s work in a way that meets the needs of diverse stakeholders.  

mySidewalk Solutions

Custom Report (mySidewalk)

Custom Reports

Dashboard (mySidewalk)

Data Dashboards

Charts & Graphs (mySidewalk)

Charts & Graphs

Interactive Maps (mySidewalk)

Interactive Maps

Custom Reports (mySidewalk)

Custom Reports

Deliver compelling updates in minutes. 
You could spend hours creating a one-size-fits-all, static report that people will skim. Or, you could spend a few minutes creating a custom, interactive report people will dig into.

  • Auto-generated tables & charts for every dataset
  • Easy-to-use rich text editor to tell the story
  • Ability to quickly add comparisons of neighborhoods, council districts, peer cities, and custom areas
  • Branding options, including custom color palettes
  • Shared reports that auto-sync every time you make an update
  • Print & export options to create handouts for meetings
Interactive Dashboard (mySidewalk)

Dynamic Data Dashboards

Give people a data story they can own. 
Dashboards let you bring people together around a powerful narrative: the city is improving lives by improving government—and they’re measuring progress block-by-block.

You handpick the categories and key indicators, and handcraft the story they tell. We provide rich visualizations and findings to share, and make sure the data stays fresh. Dashboards include everything in Reports, plus:

  • Unlimited categories and subcategories in the sidebar 
  • Automatic refresh when indicators are updated
  • Ability to create separate public & internal versions
  • Custom URLs 
Interactive Maps (mySidewalk)

Interactive Maps

Connect people and place.
You can't separate performance from place. We make it easy to map every indicator and share the results with stakeholders, so they can explore the areas where they’re most invested.

  • Visualize concentrations of key variables
  • Map two variables to find places where the relationship between them is strongest and weakest
  • Overlay transit lines, parks, schools, and community centers—any dot, line, or polygon
  • Embed in reports, dashboards, or any website
Charts & Graphs (mySidewalk)

Charts & Graphs

Let us do the design.
A simple pie graph can convey more than a paragraph of text ever could—and our tool generates these types of graphics for you. Embed, download, and share the charts and graphs you create; they'll do (some) of the talking for you.

  • Turn any dataset into a chart, graph, or table in one click
  • Customize the colors to match your branding 
  • Add to Maps, Custom Reports, and Dashboards
  • Share on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Download as .png or .svg files

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