The Next Step in Improving Citizen Satisfaction

Resident surveys are rich sources of actionable information about the resident experience that can be used for planning, performance management, programming, and neighborhood problem solving. But they’re underutilized in most cities because the data is summarized and presented in longform static PDFs without direct or compelling links to City activities.

The mySidewalk Citizen Survey Data Boot Camp is a 90-day program that is designed to help city leaders use data to make significant progress on addressing dissatisfaction and increasing overall satisfaction. Enrollment includes access to an interactive dashboard we'll create for you and the entire mySidewalk analytics platform for one full year. Interested in enrolling? 

Make smarter, data-driven decisions where they matter most. 

The mySidewalk Citizen Survey Data Boot Camp will help you empower council, staff, and community advocates with a deep statistical understanding of the resident experience to inform and support decisions.

Our Citizen Survey Data Boot Camp will: 

  • Get all of your stakeholders on one page through the creation of a centralized resource that your entire community can access and understand
  • Conduct flexible and fast data analysis (no GIS or data science expertise needed!) to identify where and why satisfaction and dissatisfaction are occurring

  • Communicate discoveries with engaging, interactive data visualizations
  • Connect and collaborate with a network of smart,
    data-driven peers
    addressing satisfaction and quality-of-life issues in their own communities

How is it built?


The amount of effort it takes to analyze existing data means that we are limited in our ability to deliver insights to the organization and community. This capacity is additionally taxed as we integrate data that will continue to emerge through smart city infrastructure. mySidewalk will help us get more data-driven insights to more people, and save time and resources in the process.
— Julie Steenson, Deputy Performance Officer and Senior Performance Management Analyst at the City of Kansas City, Missouri

What's included in the Citizen Survey Data Boot Camp?

In addition to the 90-day Boot Camp, participants will have access to the following items for one full year:

Interactive Dashboard

Our team will collaborate with you to create a public (or internal) cloud-based dashboard that will blend mySidewalk data assets with your community’s citizen survey data. The dashboard will highlight citizen sentiment in an engaging environment that allows people to consume the data through interactive visualizations and dynamic storytelling. The result is an impactful, collaborative resource for measuring and tracking progress over time. The dashboard will be developed during the 90-day Boot Camp and then made available for users to customize, update, and share for one year. Data on the dashboard will update automatically. 


mySidewalk Analytics Platform

Full departmental access to the mySidewalk Analytics Platform for up to one year after completion of the 90-day program. The Analytics Platform offers access to more than 2,000 pre-loaded data sets and the ability to easily upload local data, including operational data like fire/rescue, crime, 311, and more. Additionally, users can draw custom layers; correlate data sets; compare zip codes, census tracts, peer cities, council districts, block groups; and view trends and projections. While sophisticated, this platform does not require any GIS or data science training, and is easy to use for people of all technical skill levels.


Complete Citizen Survey Analysis

Deeper data analytics services will be offered from the mySidewalk data science team, including a complete diagnostic analysis of your citizen survey data. Based on months of research on more than a dozen cities’ survey results, mySidewalk has developed a proprietary series of unique, powerful transformations that help your city reveal, understand, and use survey results in new ways. The analysis will compare your results against the entire mySidewalk database to identify actionable correlations and the most significant relationships. The analysis will also include key findings from which you can identify clear, actionable next steps for your community.  

mySidewalk Community of Practice.png

Community of Practice

In addition to analysis and communication tools, we’ll help you connect with other like-minded communities across the country. You’ll have access to free webinars hosted throughout the entire year on topics like:

  • How to use Citizen Survey data to improve overall satisfaction and quality of life

  • How to use Citizen Survey data to pass bond measures

  • How to use Citizen Survey data to improve city communications

  • How to improve your strategic or business plan using Citizen Survey data

Who is enrolling in this boot camp? 

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You work hard for your citizen survey data. What’s it doing for you?

The next mySidewalk Citizen Survey Data Boot Camp begins in July. If you are interested in participating, email [email protected] to enroll and learn more about pricing. Or, simply click the link below.