Put resident priorities at the heart of local investment and innovation

The Resident Satisfaction Dashboard is an interactive data resource for understanding the key metrics driving satisfaction in your city and building support for resident-centered planning and policy.

It transforms hundreds of thousands of statistics on resident satisfaction that are currently locked inside static PDFs and messy spreadsheets into compelling, actionable intelligence everyone can use.

Empower smarter, data-driven decisions for all stakeholders. 

Every year or two, your city collects data on resident satisfaction with city leadership and services—creating, over time, one of its richest datasets for evidence to support citywide and departmental strategic plans and policies.

Modeled after cities that are using this data to pass historic GO bonds, deliver the highest-rated services in the country, and launch neighborhood renewal initiatives—the Resident Satisfaction Dashboard combines best practices in resident-centered performance management, cutting-edge analytics, dynamic data visualizations, and a mobile-friendly design to deliver relevant insights to city staff, elected officials, and the public.

The Resident Satisfaction Dashboard features:

  • the most relevant and actionable metrics derived from the survey's importance-quality rankings and/or alignment to city services and strategic goals

  • trends and projections to show shifts in attitudes, set smart performance targets, and track the impact of point-in-time resource allocation and programming 

  • spatial analysis of every metric at council district, ZIP code, and neighborhood levels—giving all stakeholders clarity about satisfaction in their own jurisdiction and how it compares to others

  • sociodemographic and experiential crosstabs to show how satisfaction and priorities vary across different segments of the local population

  • correlations to Census, operational, and other datasets—suggesting questions and theories to explore for a fuller understanding of the conditions driving satisfaction

  • dynamic storytelling to help stakeholders form and tell a data-driven narrative about the impact of their work, the need for resources, or the rationale for decisions

  • automatic updates upon the completion of each survey period, so that stakeholders can evaluate impact and be responsive to changing community priorities

  • dashboard analytics that tell you how many people are visiting the dashboard, how much time they spend there, and what they do with the information

  • connection to a community of practice through regular webinars, group discussions, and more

How is it built?


We’re incredibly excited to have a way for residents, staff, and council to dig into the data and discover their own insights. We have a goal of providing as much transparency as possible to this data.”
— Kate Bender, Deputy Performance Officer, City of Kansas City, Missouri

So much more than a dashboard. 

The Resident Satisfaction Dashboard also includes full access to mySidewalk's city intelligence analytics platform and connection to a like-minded, forward-thinking group of peers who are using satisfaction and other data to improve their cities.

Interactive Dashboard

Our team will collaborate with you to create a public or internal cloud-based dashboard that will blend mySidewalk data assets with your city's resident survey data. The dashboard will highlight resident sentiment in an engaging digital platform that allows stakeholders to consume the data through interactive visualizations and dynamic storytelling. The result is an impactful, collaborative resource for tracking progress over time and building evidence for decisions. The dashboard is developed in 90 days and made available for users to customize, update, and share. 


mySidewalk Analytics Platform

The mySidewalk Analytics Platform includes access to more than 2,000 pre-loaded datasets and the ability to easily upload local data, including operational data like fire/rescue, crime, 311, and more. Additionally, users can draw custom layers; correlate datasets; benchmark places; and run trends and projections. While sophisticated, the platform is user-friendly and does not require GIS or data science training. 

mySidewalk Community of Practice.png

Community of Practice

In addition to analysis and communication tools, we’ll help you connect with other like-minded peers across the country. You’ll have access to free webinars hosted throughout the entire year on topics like how to use resident survey and other data to:

  • Improve residents' overall satisfaction and quality of life

  • Construct and pass critical bond measures

  • Develop a highly targeted city communications strategy

  • Develop citywide and department strategic plans

Some of our Resident Satisfaction Dashboard customers 

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You work hard for your resident survey data. What’s it doing for you?

If you are interested in getting more out of your resident satisfaction data, email [email protected] to learn more about the mySidewalk Resident Satisfaction Dashboard and get pricing. Or, simply click the link below.