Let's create a Dashboard for your community.

mySidewalk Dashboards are beautiful, dynamic, and informative. Every Dashboard is designed to help track progress on key indicators, provide context about what's happening, and share valuable community insights that resonate with a diverse set of stakeholders. They are also customizable, easy to update, and will reflect the goals and priorities unique to your organization. 

Here is a link to an example of what your Dashboard could look like: View Sample Insights Dashboard


Your organization does not have a mySidewalk Dashboard—but it could.

In order to request one, simply fill out the form below and a member of our team will connect with you to get started.

Note that Dashboards are not included in standard mySidewalk subscriptions and additional fees may apply. A member of the mySidewalk team will contact you directly to discuss these fees and confirm the details of your account before moving forward. 

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