Strategic Analysis, Management, and Communication

You might make a quick tactical decision based on recent activity, but why let that influence your strategic analysis of trends and long-term hotspots? If you’re stuck reacting to the most recent trend, start your monthly routine of assessing crime and response instead.

Our mySidewalk Police Performance Dashboard takes care of the calculations and visualizations to make it easier than ever to share results with key stakeholders and elected officials. Whether you’re communicating performance with your staff or advocating for more budget, mySidewalk has you covered with your new, clear-cut dashboard. Turn this into your one-stop-shop for understanding your department’s strategic vision.

Features of the mySidewalk Police Dashboards:

  • Full analysis pages dedicated to calls, traffic safety, and response time

  • Monthly trackers of high-level department goals

  • Community Profile section to understand how community data may affect your calls for service

  • Built-in maps and geospatial analysis to view how service differs across your community

  • Outlier control with monthly reports for continued data quality

  • Mobile-first and web-based for full integration with all your devices

  • Downloadable data and visuals to share insights where you need them most

Find insights and tell a data-driven story with mySidewalk


Local + National Data
Blend our 2,000 pre-loaded national datasets with your local operational and community data.


Reliable Metrics
Automated updates, industry standard calculations, built for best practices with industry experts.


Engaging Data Visualizations
The best mobile-friendly, interactive and shareable data visualizations on the market.

Powerful Geospatial Analysis
Highlight the places that matter most with interactive maps.


Private or Open
Keep your insights private with password protection or open your data to the public through website integration.


For Everyone
No GIS, graphic design, web design, or data science experience is needed to use our platform.


Add Context
Help people understand your data story with copy, images, GIFS, and embeddable video.


In The Cloud
Our platform is stored securely in the cloud with no need for you to download software.

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