Put resident priorities at the heart of local investment and innovation

mySidewalk Performance Dashboards are an interactive data resource for understanding the key metrics driving resident satisfaction in your city and building support for resident-centered planning and policy.

Our solutions transform hundreds of thousands of statistics on resident satisfaction, including surveys and 311 call center data, that are currently locked inside static PDFs and messy spreadsheets into compelling, actionable intelligence everyone can use.

We’re incredibly excited to have a way for residents, staff, and council to dig into the data and discover their own insights. We have a goal of providing as much transparency as possible to this data.
— Kate Bender, Deputy Performance Officer, City of Kansas City, MO

Some of Our Performance Partners


mySidewalk Performance Dashboards

Resident Satisfaction Insights

Expand your understanding of resident priorities. Resident satisfaction with service delivery is a key performance indicator for many cities, counties and community organizations across the country; resident priorities are critical for effective long-range planning. Our Resident Insight Dashboards combine best practices for performance management and data visualization to powerfully tell your story and get crucial information into the hands of decision-makers.

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311 / Customer Service

Turn piles of data into organizational intelligence. Every day we talk with governments who are overwhelmed by the amount of data their 3-1-1 or customer service call centers produce. These partners sit on a wealth of insights and often don’t know where to start. Our 311 Customer Service Dashboards offer a solution that can give you exactly what you need to make informed decisions and improve service delivery. Our customized goal trackers also integrate into your performance management workflow, allowing your organization to communicate your progress and ensure that your residents feel valued.


Create Quick Performance Reports

A partnership with mySidewalk is about more than a dashboard--it includes access to a powerful, easy to learn application that allows the user to create customized reports. With the mySidewalk app in hand, your team doesn’t need expensive, complicated data analytics tools that require an advanced degree. In about an hour of mySidewalk training, your team can use our extensive data library and our turnkey templates to create reports.

With an additional hour of training, your team can start creating custom geographic boundaries, uploading their own data and building fully customized templates.

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Features of the mySidewalk Performance Dashboards:

  • The most relevant metrics that align with your organization’s strategic goals

  • Time trends and future projections to show shifts in attitudes, set performance targets, and track the impact of service delivery improvements

  • Place-based analysis of every metric at your priority geography giving all stakeholders clarity about satisfaction in their own jurisdiction and how it compares to others

  • Demographic and economic analysis to show how satisfaction and priorities vary across different segments of the population

  • Correlations to Census, operational, and other datasets—suggesting questions and theories to explore for a fuller understanding of the conditions driving resident insights

  • Dynamic storytelling to help stakeholders form and tell a compelling narrative about the impact of their work, the need for resources, or the rationale for decisions

Find insights and tell a data-driven story with mySidewalk


National + Local Data
Blend our 2,000 pre-loaded national datasets with your local community data.


Easy Data Updates
Schedule data updates for timely goal tracking on a daily, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.


Engaging Data Visualizations
The best mobile-friendly, interactive and shareable data visualizations on the market.

Powerful Geospatial Analysis
Show indicators at every geography to make clear where progress is (and isn’t) happening - and empower residents to know the story of their neighborhood.


Private or Open
Keep your insights private or make raw data available to researchers, grant writers, and citizen data scientists through website integration.


For Everyone
No GIS, graphic design, web design, or data science experience is needed to use our platform.

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Add Context
Help people understand your data story with copy, images, GIFS, and embeddable video.


In The Cloud
Our platform is stored securely in the cloud with no need for you to download software.

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