mySidewalk Unveils Kansas City Insights Platform at Innovation Partnership Program Demo Day

Kansas City, Mo. September 14, 2017

On Monday, mySidewalk, a Kansas City startup that specializes in geospatial analytics, unveiled a solution for the City of Kansas City, Missouri’s (KCMO) Office of Performance Management (OPM). The solution aims to help the City save time processing and analyzing its data, improve operations by linking citizen satisfaction to outcomes, and make results more accessible to a diverse set of stakeholders.

mySidewalk was one of five companies selected to partner with a City department as part of KCMO’s 2017 Innovation Partnership Program (IPP), which is designed to support goals like economic development, sustainability, and operational efficiency with technical solutions.

The Kansas City Insights platform, built using mySidewalk’s city intelligence tool, was the culmination of a 12-week partnership to develop and test technology that enhanced KCMO’s existing data and infrastructure.

mySidewalk and the OPM took a citizen-first approach to the solution by combining data that connects feelings of satisfaction to conditions and outcomes; applying a geospatial lens to the data; and utilizing a medium that is dynamic, engaging, and accessible to City staff, policy-makers, advocacy groups, citizens, and others.

While KCMO has a national reputation for its leadership in using citizen satisfaction as a bottom-line metric for evaluating operational efficiencies and outcomes, it’s not easy to extract insights, leaving city analysts feeling they could do more with the help of the right tools.

“The amount of effort it takes to analyze existing data means that we are limited in our ability to deliver insights to the organization and community. This capacity is additionally taxed as we integrate data that will continue to emerge through smart city infrastructure,” said Deputy Performance Officer and Senior Performance Management Analyst Julie Steenson. “mySidewalk will help us get more data-driven insights to more people, and save time and resources in the process.”

The platform will be available in early 2018 and both teams are excited about moving forward.

“Our goal is and always has been to work with cities that want to improve, innovate, and make better decisions alongside their residents. It’s exciting to be implementing that work with such a talented group who shares that same focus in our own backyard. We’re very excited about the work and, more importantly, the results ahead,” said Stephen Hardy, CEO at mySidewalk.

Here's an early preview of the Kansas City Insights Dashboard. 

mySidewalk Dashboard

About City of Kansas City, Missouri’s Office of Performance Management

Originally developed in 2009 by City Manager Troy Schulte, the purpose of the office was to examine data coming from the City’s operating departments and 311 Call Center in order to improve efficiency and effectiveness of city services. In 2011, Mayor Sylvester “Sly” James requested that the City initiate a public-facing data-driven program, KCStat, which has become a mechanism for city staff to collaborate around the city’s strategic goals in the Citywide Business Plan. Kansas City, Missouri’s Office of Performance Management is now one of the leading performance management teams in the country, has been chosen to participate in the Bloomberg Philanthropies What Works Cities program, and, as a result, has helped shape KCMO toward being a more responsive and open government. Learn more about their work here.

About mySidewalk

mySidewalk is a city intelligence tool that helps analysts track, analyze, and communicate progress on department and citywide goals. Its mission is to empower city leaders and the public with the most complete, clear and real-time understanding of community data so they can improve and innovate together. Connect with our team here.

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