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Kansas City, Ks.—January 25, 2018

The Unified Government of Wyandotte County/Kansas City, Kansas Launches S.O.A.R. Dashboard to Improve Appearance, Communication, and Safety

Today the Unified Government (UG) of Wyandotte County / Kansas City, Kansas (KCK) launched the SOAR Dashboard, an interactive, data-driven resource now accessible to residents in KCK. The main purpose of the dashboard is to track progress and communicate about the overall appearance and safety of the region in alignment with the Stabilization, Occupation, and Revitalization (S.O.A.R.) initiative.

The dashboard was built by mySidewalk, a Kansas City based city intelligence software company. mySidewalk worked with the UG hand-in-hand to create a centralized location for all S.O.A.R.-related data making it easier for staff to track quarterly progress on goals; provide context with visualized data; and tell an engaging story of progress about S.O.A.R. programs.

Kansas City, Mo.—December 11, 2017

mySidewalk, with Help from the City of Fargo, North Dakota, Hosts Strategic Planning Webinar

Even in the age of Big Data and Smart Cities, communities struggle to answer a basic but existential question: Are we becoming a better place for all citizens to live, work, and play? To help answer this question, mySidewalk hosted a webinar with help from the City of Fargo, North Dakota to demonstrate how any community (large or small) can begin to incorporate data more into their workflow, specifically through their city’s strategic plan. 

Kansas City, Mo.—September 14, 2017

mySidewalk Unveils Kansas City Insights Platform at Innovation Partnership Program Demo Day

On Monday during the 2017 Innovation Partnership Program Demo Day, mySidewalk, a Kansas City startup that specializes in geospatial analytics, unveiled a solution for the City of Kansas City, Missouri’s (KCMO) Office of Performance Management (OPM). The solution aims to help the City save time processing and analyzing its data, improve operations by linking citizen satisfaction to outcomes, and make results more accessible to a diverse set of stakeholders.

Sacramento, Ca.—September 6, 2017

mySidewalk Wins 2017 Government Experience Award

The Center for Digital Government (CDG) announced the winners of the inaugural Government Experience Awards

The awards recognize the achievements and best practices of states, cities, counties and organizations that have gone to the web and beyond to radically improve the experience of government and push the boundaries of how citizen services are delivered. Top government jurisdictions, agencies and departments will be honored at an awards event Sept. 15 in Austin, Texas. 

mySidewalk was recognized as a Business-to-Government Experience award winner along with GovSense and Munetrix. 

Miami Beach, Fl.—June 26, 2017

mySidewalk's CEO, Stephen Hardy, Speaks at the 85th Annual United States Conference of Mayors

Stephen Hardy, mySidewalk CEO, presents "Smart Cities Start Here: Managing City Performance in the Information Age" at the 85th Annual United States Conference of Mayors. 

Kansas City, Mo.—June 13, 2017

mySidewalk Accepted for 2017 Innovation Partnership Program

Today mySidewalk announced their acceptance into Kansas City, Missouri's 2017 Innovation Partnership Program, an opportunity designed for entrepreneurs to develop, test and demonstrate innovative solutions with Kansas City, Missouri’s (KCMO’s) data and infrastructure in support of Advance KC and city operations.

Startland News, June 8, 2017

Meet the five area startups partnering with KCMO to drive innovation

A quintet of startup firms are working with the City of Kansas City, Mo. as part of its Innovation Partnership Program. Launched in 2015, IPP pairs area startups with city departments to not only identify new efficiencies but also offer the firm a chance to earn business with the city. After being designated a department to work with, the startup is provided city data and access to infrastructure, working closely with the Office of Innovation and receiving part-time office space in City Hall. 

Kansas City, Mo.—May 1, 2017

East Central Florida Regional Planning Council Partners with mySidewalk   

Council provides partners with powerful data resource to enhance local communities.

Today, mySidewalk announced its partnership with the East Central Florida Regional Planning Council (ECFRPC), a regional agency of local governments serving seven counties in East Central Florida. The Council plans to use mySidewalk to enhance the services they provide to their partner agencies and communities.

Kansas City, Mo.—April 18, 2017

mySidewalk Hires Vice President of Sales   

Today mySidewalk announced that Joe Leluga has joined the mySidewalk team as the vice president of sales. Joe has 20 years of sales experience. With a background in developing go-to-market strategies and implementing sales methodologies for new markets, Joe will bring sales and customer retention experience to the mySidewalk team.

Kansas City, Mo.—January 25, 2017

Kansas City, Kansas Partners with mySidewalk in 2017 for Blight Reduction & Economic Development Projects  

Today mySidewalk announced its partnership with the Unified Government (UG) of Wyandotte County, KS. In 2017, the UG will be making an active push across a range of areas to address the challenges of blighted properties—and they’re using mySidewalk to find locations in the county affected or at risk, discover factors that could be contributing to blight, and then visualize those results via shareable charts and interactive maps.

Kansas City, Mo.—January 17, 2017

mySidewalk Hires Vice President of Finance 

Today mySidewalk announced that Amy Bradshaw has joined the mySidewalk team as the vice president of finance. Her responsibilities will include analyzing potential sales and customer opportunities, structuring monthly company reporting, managing the company's budget and forecasting sales growth. 

Kansas City Business Journal, December 9, 2016

KCK Expands Commitment to Innovation and Open Data

Kansas City, Kan., is focused on driving innovation, and its new open data portal represents just a small piece of its bigger vision. "There are a lot of potential benefits from open data," Alan Howze told the Kansas City Business Journal. "A big part is recognizing we don't have all the answers; in fact, we don't know all the questions."

Kansas City, Mo.—November 28, 2016

mySidewalk Announces Stephen Hardy as New CEO

Stephen Hardy, formerly COO of mySidewalk, is moving into the position of CEO. Nick Bowden, who previously held the CEO position, will remain as a trusted adviser on the company board. 

Startland News, October 10, 2016

mySidewalk Participates with the White House on its Open Data Initiative

Kansas City tech firm mySidewalk is working with the White House. The firm on Friday announced its participation in The Opportunity Project, an initiative that will use open data in efforts to expand opportunity for all. The project was established in March to put data tools in the hands of civic leaders across the country. The mission is to make it easier for leaders to navigate information on critical resources such as access to jobs, housing, transportation and schools.

Kansas City, Mo.—October 6, 2016

mySidewalk Participates in the Opportunity Project

A White House Initiative to make government more accessible for all americans

Today mySidewalk announced its participation in The Opportunity Project, a White House initiative intended to expand access to opportunity for all Americans by putting data and digital tools in the hands of families, communities and local leaders.mySidewalk participated in the program by taking on projects for both the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Office of the Surgeon General (OSG), working with the DOT to make transportation information more accessible and useful to community leaders around the country, while its project with the OSG focused on equipping parents and community leaders with tools to measure emotional well-being in their communities.

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