mySidewalk Introduces Custom Reports: Turn Your Data Into an Interactive Story

Tired of pulling together clunky reports that feature various forms of data? Frustrated with last-minute, one-size-fits-all reporting requests that require the time and energy of several people? Go ahead and take a breath, because those days are over. mySidewalk’s new Reports feature gives you the power to quickly pull together a dynamic report that tells your city’s story—and you can adjust every Report to fit the topics most important to each stakeholder.

Measuring city performance, monitoring growth, and communicating with stakeholders all require data—and lots of it. In talking with city managers, performance analysts, and other city leaders, mySidewalk found that these professionals often struggle with the time it takes to normalize and report on all of that data in a way that makes sense to stakeholders.

“We are all strapped for time,” said Jackie Krawczak, president & CEO of Alpena Area Chamber of Commerce, Michigan. “Pulling various forms of data together and putting it into presentations was clunky and not an efficient use of time.”

Jackie was excited to learn about mySidewalk’s Reports, a new feature that allows customers to create dynamic (and visually appealing) custom data reports in just a few clicks. She sees this feature as especially useful when presenting information to developers looking to invest in the area.

“With mySidewalk’s Reports, everything is now right at our fingertips: instead of slowly piecing information together, we can design a report right in the platform,” she said. “It’s now fast and easy for us to pull reports together for developers looking at our community. We can also quickly and easily change reports on the spot—in real time, right in front of the developer if necessary. It’s that easy to use.”

mySidewalk spoke with many customers about their workflows: the good, the bad, and the ugly. And what many customers said was that they spent a lot of time and energy curating various reports to share with stakeholders. mySidewalk set out to streamline that process, and Reports were born.

With Reports, you can now create and share reports specific to any geography by simply adding auto-generated tables, charts, and graphs. You can compare your location to any other location in the country, add images, and incorporate colors specific to your organization. You can also provide written context to support the data you’ve selected to share. And you can share the Report in the format that makes the most sense for your organization: whether that’s an interactive digital report, a PDF export, or a static, printed version.

“Reports make our current workflow much more efficient,” said Jackie. “Efficiency is key to our work here, and this will undoubtedly save us valuable time.”

Want to get started on your own Report? Log in to mySidewalk, head over to the drop-down menu labeled “New,” and choose “Report.” For a step-by-step walkthrough, check out our Reports help doc here, sign up for a 10-minute how-to webinar here, or simply watch the video tutorial below.

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