How Long Beach is aligning stakeholders for long-term success

In 2017, The City of Long Beach published their Economic Development Blueprint - a 10-year plan for transforming Long Beach into “the city of opportunity for workers, investors, and entrepreneurs.”  

The Blueprint represented two years of analysis and development of priorities for the city’s economic future. However, the work doesn’t stop there - continuously aligning stakeholders and keeping champions engaged is critical to the success of a long-term plan. To make sure city staff and leadership can focus on implementation and keeping the momentum going, the City of Long Beach launched their Economic Insights Dashboard.  

How is Long Beach using their Economic Insights Dashboard?

This dashboard, powered by mySidewalk, is pushing the Blueprint forward in two ways: automating data tracking and engaging stakeholders with ongoing communication.

Long Beach’s dashboard automates data collection, tracking, and visualization for key outcome-oriented performance metrics. The dashboard automatically updates annual metrics ranging from transportation to employment, to housing affordability. This automation means staff can spend less time measuring performance and more time getting the important work done.  

The Economic Blueprint serves many audiences including City leadership, investors, entrepreneurs, and workers and residents across the city. Long Beach leverages their dashboard to engage with this wide variety of stakeholders in an easily accessible way. The dashboard gives them an interactive, mobile responsive, web-based platform that all of the stakeholders can quickly consume and share. The automatic updates provide them with a tool that is valuable to keep coming back and view their progress.

To hear more about how Long Beach is paving the way for economic vibrancy, see their Economic Development Blueprint and their Economic Insights Dashboard.


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