How Port St. Lucie is Improving Community Livability by Harnessing Public Works and Citizen Survey Data

The City of Port St. Lucie, Florida is improving livability in their community by bringing together data from their recent citizen satisfaction survey and other departments, including public works. They've combined citizen responses about ease of mobility and satisfaction with roads with their latest pavement condition index (PCI) scores for public roads. This has empowered city leaders to identify priorities for road and sidewalk improvements. Areas with both lower PCI scores and lower citizen satisfaction can quickly be prioritized to maximize positive impact for their citizens.

The map below, pulled from their dashboard and featured as mySidewalk's Map of the Week, shows road conditions throughout the City using the PCI. Note that this map is a part of a collection—meaning the dropdown menu (accessible on the City's live data dashboard), provides this data for each council district in Port St. Lucie. The red areas are places where repairs are needed. 

Where should the City of Port St. Lucie invest in road improvements and repairs?

Pavement Condition Index Map mySidewalk

This map, along with dozens of others, is being used on the City's Livability Dashboard. The City's dashboard features an interactive version of the National Citizen Survey (NCS), which assesses the "livability" of Port St. Lucie through the voice of its residents. Consistent with the structure of the NCS, the dashboard is organized to show results by the key facets and pillars of a livable community. 

Collectively, the primary survey data and secondary community data provide city leaders and residents a multi-dimensional look at life in the City of Port St. Lucie so that they can work together to build on the community's strengths and address its vulnerabilities. 

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