How the City of Olathe is Tracking City Service Performance Using Resident Survey Data

In Olathe, the citizen experience drives everything local city leaders do. Quarterly citizen survey data enables them to track service area performance and find opportunities for improvement. By identifying and analyzing underperforming areas, in particular, leaders are able to redirect resources and craft new service strategies.

The City's attention to their residents' feedback has paid off. In 2017, Olathe residents gave their city the highest score in the nation for the Overall Quality of City Services.

Quality of City Services

How is the City using their survey data to drive such impactful results?

Today, the City is using mySidewalk to visualize the results of their citizen survey data so they can more clearly target areas of satisfied and dissatisfied residents.

The map below, pulled from their dashboard and chosen as mySidewalk's Map of the Week, shows the percent changes in satisfaction with the quality city services over time. The greener census tracts identify where satisfaction has increased since their last survey. The yellow areas highlight census tracts where satisfaction has decreased.

Where has resident satisfaction changed since the 2016 citizen survey?

Map of Olathe mySidewalk

The City can use this map to investigate tracts that are showing changes in the level of satisfaction. They can also use this data, combined with other sets of community data, to  determine why satisfaction has changed. Most importantly, they can begin to answer questions like “How does recent use of a City service impact satisfaction?”, “Are residents who receive the city newsletter more satisfied than those who don't?”, and “Does length of time as an Olathe resident effect satisfaction?”

Interested in learning more about how you can harness the results of your community’s resident survey data to drive improvements like the City of Olathe? Consider registering for our Citizen Survey Data Boot Camp. Enrollment is open and our next class starts in July!