Three Drivers of Community Health

Public Health Departments are Creating a Comprehensive Understanding of Health in their Communities with mySidewalk

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Health begins long before we see a doctor - it begins in our homes, in our neighborhoods, and in our socio-economic experiences. At mySidewalk, we work with public health departments across the nation to help drive a holistic, proactive approach to improving community health. That’s why we’ve launched three new report templates that look at social and environmental health determinants, as well as clinical health outcomes.

These report templates feature insights and feedback from health departments across the U.S., including NACCHO 2016 and 2018 Local Health Department of the Year, the Kansas City, MO Health Department.

Each template delivers key datasets that help you address social and environmental barriers to health in your community, then track health outcomes over time. They can be used independently or together to visualize the whole picture of health and its driving factors. Customizing each report for your community takes seconds, so you can respond to data requests, communicate priorities, and build partnerships faster.

Social Determinants of Health

Public health professionals now recognize that the social and economic conditions where people live and work impact their access to healthy choices. This report helps you identify where economic, social, or race-related barriers to health exist in your community, so you can target key services for vulnerable residents and drive larger institutional changes in your community. The report also serves as a foundation for understanding the socio-economic patterns underlying the insights in the two companion public health templates.

Featured data:

  • Race-Related Barriers to Health

  • Low Income Populations

  • Access to Jobs

  • Educational Attainment

  • Additional Vulnerable Populations

See a sample Social Determinants of Health Dashboard here.

Environmental Health Overview

Our communities shape how easy it is to live a healthy lifestyle and whether we’re exposed to environmental health hazards. This report provides an overview of critical environmental factors that empower or hinder community health. You can use the report to coordinate and communicate across departments in your community to help make the healthy choice the easy choice.

Featured data:

  • Walkability

  • Access to Healthy Food

  • Housing Conditions

  • Traffic Safety

  • Air Quality

  • Proximity to Hazardous Sites

Clinical Health Overview

Understanding clinical aspects of health, including access to healthcare and the prevalence of certain health outcomes, often provides the most direct understanding of current health trends.  This report leverages nationally available CDC and BRFSS data to provide a snapshot of healthcare in your community. The report becomes incredibly powerful when complemented with locally available hospital discharge data or health survey results to power performance tracking of health outcomes in your community.

Featured data:

  • Access to Healthcare

  • Health Outcomes

  • Health Behaviors

  • Connections between Behavior and Environmental, Social and Economic Drivers of Health

For mySidewalk customers you can access any of these templates in the app. If you are not a customer and would like to learn more about these templates and the mySidewalk platform you can set up a demo with us here: