Marketing Director 

mySidewalk’s next Marketing Director will have the ability to switch between big-picture thinking and detail-oriented execution. This person is a skilled storyteller whose passion for innovation meets their passion for moving communities forward. Our next teammate will understand the positioning of compelling content, and more importantly, the packaging of that content for various audiences. With a knack for cross-team collaboration, our Marketing Director will pull together team members across the company to create a consistent, customer-centric brand voice.


The kinds of problems you’ll help us solve:

  • How do we translate go-to-market messaging in a compelling, easily understood way?
  • How do we lead sales enablement and nurture the customer journey through well-positioned marketing materials?
  • How do we strategically align our product offerings for future revenue opportunities?
  • How do we strategically align cross-functional teams around customer storytelling?


How you’ll solve those problems:

Massage go-to market messaging across products and channels.

  • Work with customer and sales team members to translate messaging patterns in our current and future customer base to tease out competitive positioning.
  • Develop key relationships with product owners internally to craft and test new product value propositions.
  • Use critical thinking skills to creatively craft and evolve messaging across products into one compelling brand narrativ e.

Sharpen and package tools for sales & customer teams to tell the mySidewalk story.

  • Develop content (case studies, sales/product decks, emails) collaboratively and competitively position materials within the customer experience journey.
  • Work closely with product owners to develop a go-to market strategy for new products.
  • Gain an understanding of current and potential revenue opportunities to align marketing materials for future offerings.

Work across teams to understand the market and position product offerings accordingly.

  • Align internal team members on strategic marketing initiatives, ensuring both high-level and tactical goals are achieved.
  • Translate and provoke a consistent mySidewalk brand voice from the customer experience.

You’ll help us solve those problems if you:

  • Are highly motivated and bring your energy to marketing communication, strategy and project management
  • Are both an innovator and activator who continuously evolves through hands-on experience
  • Possess both adaptability and maturity to work within a team or fly solo on projects large and small
  • Can establish key relationships across teams
  • Can switch between the big picture and tactical implementation in the same day, with the desire to make tactics as strategic as the next great idea
  • Have 7-10 years marketing experience
  • Have a breadth of marketing experience, preferably in the SaaS or government sector

To apply, email [email protected] 

Not sure where your skills fit in? No problem. We’re more focused on finding smart, talented individuals passionate about our business than someone to fulfill a role. Email your resume to [email protected] and tell us why you’re passionate about mySidewalk.