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Everyday your department works hard to collect data on incidents and response times. But what are you getting in return? Most software providers require you to put in many hours to gather insights. But mySidewalk’s Fire Department Dashboards deliver industry best practices right to your inbox. Built in partnership with Fire Chiefs around the United States, our web-based, mobile friendly dashboards empower your team with accurate insights and shareable visuals. The best part? mySidewalk handles the heavy lifting with calculating, mapping and visualizing your CAD, RMS, and community data. Whether you’re looking to cut costs, improve data quality, discover insights, or even look at your data for the first time, our in-house industry experts are here to deliver.

Now, with The Fire Performance Dashboard we can see response times which allows us to quickly compare metrics and decide whether to adjust staffing or provide more resources
— Chief Thom Phelps, Alhambra, CA

Some of Our Fire Partners


mySidewalk Fire Dashboards

NFPA Community Risk Assessment

Accidents are unavoidable - but if it’s predictable, it’s preventable. The wealth of fire data sitting in your RMS is likely going underutilized. Combining industry leading NFPA codes and standards, including the NFPA 1300, Standard on Community Risk Assessment and Community Risk Reduction Plan Development, with mySidewalk’s unique visualization tools and access to over 2,000 national datasets, the NFPA Community Risk Assessment gives you unprecedented control over decreasing fire, EMS, and other incidents. Already heralded for its innovation, this dashboard becomes a powerful tool in the right hands for creating department priorities, launching new reduction programs, and building bridges within your community.

Learn more about the NFPA CRA dashboard


Emergency Response Performance

You wouldn’t maintain your apparatus only when it breaks down. Why should emergency response by any different? If you’re still reacting to single incidents, start your monthly routine of assessing performance instead. Our mySidewalk Emergency Response Performance Dashboard takes care of the calculations and visualizations to make it easier than ever to share results with key stakeholders and elected officials. Whether you’re communicating performance with your staff or advocating for more budget, mySidewalk has you covered with your new, clear-cut dashboard. Turn this into your one-stop-shop for understanding your department’s emergency response.

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Local + National Data
Blend our 2,000 pre-loaded national datasets with your local operational and community data.


Reliable Metrics
Automated updates, industry standard calculations, built for best practices with industry experts.


Engaging Data Visualizations
The best mobile-friendly, interactive and shareable data visualizations on the market.

Powerful Geospatial Analysis
Highlight the places that matter most with interactive maps.


Private or Open
Keep your insights private with password protection or open your data to the public through website integration.


For Everyone
No GIS, graphic design, web design, or data science experience is needed to use our platform.

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