Emergency Response Performance

You wouldn’t maintain your apparatus only when it breaks down. Why should emergency response by any different? If you’re still reacting to single incidents, start your monthly routine of assessing performance instead. Our mySidewalk Fire Performance Dashboard takes care of the calculations and visualizations to make it easier than ever to share results with key stakeholders and elected officials. Whether you’re communicating performance with your staff or advocating for more budget, mySidewalk has you covered with your new, clear-cut dashboard. Turn this into your one-stop-shop for understanding your department’s emergency response.

To me, this dashboard is world class. That we’re providing information to our stakeholders in the most transparent way possible speaks volumes.
— Deputy Chief Sal Scarpa, Shawnee, KS

Emergency Response Performance Dashboard Features:

  • Full analysis pages for incidents, response times, and goals met

  • Monthly trackers of high-level department goals

  • Trends and year-to-date comparisons for 5 years of data

  • Built-in maps and geospatial analysis to view how service differs across your community

  • Micro-detail down to the shift & apparatus for direct peer management

  • Individual station reports so everyone is on the same page

  • Industry-standard 90th percentile calculations

  • Outlier control with monthly reports for continued data quality

  • Mobile-first and web-based for full integration with all your devices

  • Downloadable data and visuals to share insights where you need them most

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