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Tell an interactive, data-driven story. 

Whether you’re focusing on workforce development, economic development, or community health, mySidewalk’s Economic Development District dashboard will help you communicate an interactive, data-driven story. Respond quickly to developer requests, compare counties in your district, and work from one reliable—and branded—data resource that automatically updates.  

See the Northeast Nebraska Economic Development District Dashboard  

Rely on a data resource that delivers.  


Report from one easily accessible centralized data dashboard.


Gain a clear understanding of economic growth throughout your district.

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Expect automatic data updates that are easy to share. 

No data science or GIS experience is required to use or understand mySidewalk dashboards.

What's included?

mySidewalk will create an economic development dashboard for your district. Content and insights will be provided on the dashboard based on the analyses below for the geographies of your choice. Data will be visualized as interactive maps, charts, and graphs. Your dashboard will also include trends, projections, and data comparisons. Goal trackers and call-outs can be added to help you monitor progress. Every dashboard will be editable and customizable based on your organization's brand.

Your dashboard will include the following reports that update automatically every 30 days:

Population Analysis
Understand the wide array of individuals living in your district.

Economic Analysis
Understand the diversity of various economic situations across your district.

Housing Analysis
Understand the multitude of living conditions for individuals and families in your district.

Transportation Analysis
Understand how and where people in your district travel daily to and from work.


Every dashboard also includes an individual profile for every county in your district. 
Each county profile includes its own breakdown of population, housing, the economy, and transportation.

What will it look like?

All of the data on the Economic Development District Dashboard we'll create for your department will be interactive and visualized.
Check out this dashboard we built for the Northeast Nebraska Economic Development District. 

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