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You work tirelessly to attract businesses, residents and investment, grow your workforce, and deliver transformative projects. But when you are in the trenches working for your community, you have little time to see the big picture, share the effectiveness of your efforts, or tell the story of your economic impact and upcoming projects. mySidewalk’s Economic Development Dashboards help you easily share that message. Whether your message is for an elected official, a community member, an existing business, a prospective employer, or an investor our platform has the tools you need to communicate an interactive, data-driven story.

Local policy has a hard time scaling across communities because no one is ever talking about and measuring the same indicators. mySidewalk’s ability to deliver our Economic and Innovation Performance Dashboard for 100 cities got us to scale instantly. They can now measure their interventions against the same indicators and share what’s working.
— Evan Absher, Kauffman Foundation

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mySidewalk Economic Development Dashboards

Opportunity Zones

Powerful new legislation has the potential to attract tax-advantaged capital to your community. Make sure that your community can harness this capital to its benefit. Whether you have already defined projects in need of capital or are just beginning to develop a strategy to deliver community benefit with outside investment, mySidewalk’s Opportunity Zone Dashboards are here to help. We’ll help you understand the differences between your opportunity zones and the rest of your city and region, identify acute challenges that people in your opportunity zones face, and market your opportunity zones and projects to outside investors.

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Economic Insights

Understand your community’s economic advantage. Your community has a unique story to tell. Make sure you know what differentiates your community from your competitors. Whether you’re in the beginning stages of formulating your economic development strategy, tracking its implementation, or critically analyzing the impact of your efforts on your community, mySidewalk’s Economic Insights Dashboards help you tell a holistic story of opportunity, inclusion, and prosperity.


Downtowns and Special Districts

Whether you’re trying to attract new residents, highlighting economic activity to share with developers, or showing the positive impact your downtown or special district is having on the broader community, a mySidewalk Downtown / Special Districts Dashboard will help you communicate an interactive, data-driven story. Visualize change over time, track improvements, and see how your downtown compares to others across the country.

Features of the mySidewalk Economic Dashboards:

  • Compare key measures of competitiveness and inclusion of your community with your region, state, nation, and peers using mySidewalk’s Data Library and apportionment tools.

  • Understand the workforce pipeline, educational attainment, and key industrial segments in your community.

  • Highlight your agency’s business attraction and retention efforts.

  • Send custom reports to prospective employers and site selection consultants that put your community’s best foot forward.

  • Demonstrate how catalytic real estate projects result in tangible results for people and place.

  • Assess your community’s holistic location affordability - housing, transportation, and access to quality jobs.

Show economic trends over time

Show economic trends over time

Find insights and tell a data-driven story with mySidewalk


Local + National Data
Blend our 2,000 pre-loaded national datasets with your local community data.


Reliable Metrics
Automated data updates and built for best practices with industry experts.


Engaging Data Visualizations
The best mobile-friendly, interactive and shareable data visualizations on the market.

Powerful Geospatial Analysis
Highlight the places that matter most with interactive maps.


Private or Open
Keep your insights private with password protection or open your data to the public through website integration.


For Everyone
No GIS, graphic design, web design, or data science experience is needed to use our platform.


Add Context
Help people understand your data story with copy, images, GIFS, and embeddable video.


In The Cloud
Our platform is stored securely in the cloud with no need for you to download software.

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