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Whether you’re trying to attract new residents, highlighting economic activity to share with developers, or showing the positive impact your downtown or special district is having on the broader community, a mySidewalk District Dashboard will help you communicate an interactive, data-driven story. Visualize change over time, track improvements, and see how your downtown compares to others across the country. 

Read How the Downtown Council of Kansas City, MO is Proving Impact and Boosting Momentum Using Data

What's included?

mySidewalk will can create your Downtown or Special District Dashboard in as little as 30 days. Content and insights will be provided on the dashboard using the analyses below. Data will be visualized as interactive maps, charts, and graphs. Your dashboard will also include trends, projections, and the comparison of your downtown with up to 5 peer places. Goal trackers and call-outs can be added to help you monitor progress. Every dashboard will include local images, your organizations logo, and your brand colors of choice. Your dashboard will include the following reports and analyses that update automatically every month:

State of Downtown (or your Special District) Report
What's the current state of your downtown and how does that align with the goals of your organization? How is your downtown positively impacting the rest of your community? Why should residents move to your downtown? Why should developers invest in your downtown? What makes your downtown unique? 

Affordability Overview
How affordable is your district? Is it cheaper to live in your district vs. in the suburbs? How does affordability in your district compare to other places?

Demographics Overview
How diverse is your district? Who actually lives there? What's the breakdown of ages? How does the diversity of your district compare to other places?

Economic Overview
Is your district a center for economic activity? How many jobs are available? What are the wages of district workers? How does the economy in your district compare to other places? 

Housing Overview
Is there enough housing in your district? How has that changed over time? Are residents renting or owning? How does housing in your district compare to other places?


*Note that we can integrate local data (i.e. Citizen Survey, 311, Retail, etc.) for an additional fee into your dashboard for deeper insight. No data science or GIS experience is required to use or understand mySidewalk dashboards.

What will it look like?

All of the data on your Downtown or Special District Dashboard will be interactive and visualized.
Check out this data dashboard we built for the Downtown Council of Kansas City, Missouri. 

How is it built?


The mySidewalk platform provides the capability to compare most of the major cities across the United States, so we can augment or modify our reports upon request. In addition to the comparisons of our national peers, we also review Downtown Kansas City in a regional context of the Kansas City MSA. Most importantly, it allows us to highlight the significant progress downtown Kansas City has achieved in our economy, housing, development, and quality of life sectors.
— Bill Dietrich, President and CEO for the Downtown Council of Kansas City, Missouri

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