NFPA Community Risk Assessment

Accidents are unavoidable - but if it’s predictable, it’s preventable. The wealth of fire data sitting in your RMS is likely going underutilized. Combining industry leading NFPA codes and standards, including the NFPA 1300, Standard on Community Risk Assessment and Community Risk Reduction Plan Development,  with mySidewalk’s unique visualization tools and access to over 2,000 national datasets, the NFPA Community Risk Assessment gives you unprecedented control over decreasing fire, EMS, and other incidents. Already heralded for its innovation, this dashboard becomes a powerful tool in the right hands for creating department priorities, launching new reduction programs, and building bridges within your community. If you would like to learn more and apply for the NFPA Community Risk Assessment Pilot Grant, please click the link below.

Before mySidewalk, I was asking for manual pulls for data across departments - that’s hard to do. Now we can focus our attention on building strategies around data that’s presented in this dashboard.
— Chief Reginald Freeman, Hartford, CT

With the Community Risk Assessment Dashboard you can:

See your incidents by type and time

See your incidents by type and time

  • Understand your districts better than anyone with our full community profile that assesses population, housing, income, health, and more.

  • Get a hold of your incident and response trends with 5-years of data analysis.

  • Correlate your data with our community data to see where the overlap of poverty, low education, health disparities, and more aligns with fire and EMS calls.

  • Assess the distribution of risk in your city with our built-in maps and geospatial analysis sections.

  • Set priorities and objectives with the deepest assessment of your fire incident data that you’ve ever received.

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