Amplify Your Impact

Your department works hard for your community. Whether you’re responding to code violations, assisting in home repair and small business development, or strategically repositioning vacant or underutilized parcels to become community assets, it can be easy to miss the big picture of your impact.

mySidewalk’s Community Development Dashboards tell the story for you. We combine our extensive library of national datasets with your local data to help you gain key insights into your community, draw comparisons between neighborhoods, and benchmark your community with your peers. By telling a transparent and authentic story with data, our dashboards help build consensus among diverse stakeholders, allowing everyone to work together for a maximum impact.

I am building a more thorough report because my community members actually wanted to see more data.
— Jenna Wertman, Associate Planner, City of Greenfield, Indiana

Features of the mySidewalk Community Development Dashboards:

  • Understand the similarities and differences between neighborhoods, council districts, and your peer communities.

  • Analyze historic trends and create forecasts to understand patterns in your community

  • Import parcel data, permitting information, code violations, and crime data to track your department’s performance and understand the impact of local policies.

  • Analyze the fiscal impact of community development initiatives across multiple taxing jurisdictions.

  • Understand the areas in your community at risk of gentrification and displacement, or disinvestment and decline.

  • Engage your community on strategic initiatives with the MindMixer platform.

Find insights and tell a data-driven story with mySidewalk


Local + National Data
Blend our 2,000 pre-loaded national datasets with your local community data.


Reliable Metrics
Automated data updates and built for best practices with industry experts.


Engaging Data Visualizations
The best mobile-friendly, interactive and shareable data visualizations on the market.

Powerful Geospatial Analysis
Highlight the places that matter most with interactive maps.


Private or Open
Keep your insights private with password protection or open your data to the public through website integration.


For Everyone
No GIS, graphic design, web design, or data science experience is needed to use our platform.


Add Context
Help people understand your data story with copy, images, GIFS, and embeddable video.


In The Cloud
Our platform is stored securely in the cloud with no need for you to download software.

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