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Your roadmap to calculating ERF total time starts with understanding your community. To get you started, we’ve prepared a profile of your community, highlighting risks and helping you identify populations and locations that have the potential to frequently need emergency response resources.


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Data driven decision making is key in today’s fire service, and critical to the fire service of tomorrow. As leaders we must seek optimal performance to help drive positive outcomes. Performance measures should be used to evaluate, improve and maximize fire department operations.
— Chief Silvio Lanzas, Glendale, CA

Local + National Data
Blend our 2,000 pre-loaded national datasets with your local operational and community data.


Reliable Metrics
Automated updates, industry standard calculations, built for best practices with industry experts.


Engaging Data Visualizations
Beautiful mobile-friendly, interactive and shareable data visualizations out of the box.


Powerful Geospatial Analysis
Highlight the places that matter most with interactive maps. Understand how you’re doing, and where.


Private or Open
Keep your insights private with password protection, or open your data to the public with a website.

For Everyone
No GIS, graphic design, web design, or data science experience needed. All of this expertise, baked-in.


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