Boulder, CO fights fires faster with data

Boulder, CO Fire-Rescue is harnessing their response data to fight fires faster, with confidence.

Boulder, CO Fire-Rescue fearlessly responds to community emergencies to serve and protect over 105,000 residents. The department continually strives for excellence in their work to achieve their mission of making Boulder a “safe place to live, work, and play.”  

That drive for excellence inspired department leadership to transform their incident response data into performance intelligence. They worked with mySidewalk to build their Fire Performance Dashboard, which provides monthly department-wide, and station-by-station analyses of reported incidents and response time performance. Clean, understandable maps and charts get straight to the point to give staff and leadership the information to routinely identify big-picture trends, confidently target priorities, and take informed actions to improve their response.  

mySidewalk handles the heavy lifting to map, visualize, and analyze Boulder’s CAD and RMS data every month to provide an up-to-date picture of performance. Instead of data and analysis being a burden interrupting their important work, data has become part of their routine and toolset to better serve their community. Now, Boulder’s firefighters can focus on what they do best - keeping their community safe from fires, medical emergencies, and other disasters.

Boulder’s Fire Performance Dashboard fuels community support for emergency responders.

The department already boldly shared their CAD and RMS data with the community through the city’s open data platform. But they knew they could do more to share successes and communicate openly about their work and challenges. Not only does the Fire Performance Dashboard deliver data-driven intelligence to Fire-Rescue leadership - it facilitates critical community support.

The dashboard provides a fast, on-hand resource to answer questions from the community, clearly show the value of the department’s work, prove where there may be real challenges to meeting safety goals, and highlight how needed resources can be put to work. As a result, Boulder Fire-Rescue is improving their response times, and is more confident than ever in the support of their community.

mySidewalk is a city intelligence tool that makes it simple to track, analyze, and communicate progress on citywide goals using data. To learn more about how you can build dashboards, just like this one, using pre-loaded data available in the mySidewalk tool or by uploading data from your local community, visit the mySidewalk website. You work hard for your data. What's it doing for you?