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mySidewalk makes powerful geospatial analytics simple and beautiful, which is why a growing number of communities across the country are using it to track, analyze, and communicate progress on their goals and performance measures. Curious about how we can help your community improve and innovate using data? 

mySidewalk is a city intelligence tool. 


Streamline Workflows


Guide Resource Allocation


Measure Performance


Build Trust & Transparency

Rely on a tool that makes data impactful across your organziation. 

Instant Data Visualizations

Interactive Mapping

2,000 Pre-Loaded Datasets

Easy Geospatial Analysis

Local Data Upload

Data Dashboards

Templated Reports

Custom Reports

Drawing Tools

Automated Data Updates

No GIS, graphic design, web design, or data science experience is required to use mySidewalk.

Guide community decisions with powerful geospatial analytics.

Access the information you need, when you need it. 
mySidewalk comes pre-loaded with more than 2,000 datasets. View the mySidewalk Dataset Library

Upload data from your organization or your local community.
Add data directly into the mySidewalk application or work with our team of data scientists who will integrate it for you.

Visualize your data—or any of the pre-loaded data in the mySidewalk application—instantly. In just one click, create interactive maps, call-outs, tables, bar charts, pie charts, time series charts, goal trackers, and data correlations

Upload or draw layers to represent geographies important to you. Apportion data on-the-fly to custom areas that can easily be added or drawn in mySidewalk.

Map data to a range of geographies. mySidewalk customers can layer datasets together, create filters, and customize their interactive, mapped data visualizations—all without any GIS experience.

Enjoy enhanced performance measuring and indexing capabilities. Track key indicators over time, compare your community to other places, and easily run trends and projections.

Share data-driven progress your entire community will understand. 

Fort Lauderdale Custom mySidewalk Report.png

Custom Reports: Reports are typically created to address one topic or initiative in a community. Build your own report or work from the mySidewalk Template Library, which houses dozens of pre-built, research-based report templates. Reports can be shared easily and password protected. Interactive visualizations can be added in one click to any report.

Below is a sample report selected from the mySidewalk Template Library. 

See the Indicators of Economic Activity Report for West Valley City, Utah. 

Kansas City Mo mySidewalk Dashboard.png

Data Dashboards: mySidewalk’s data dashboards are fully functional web experiences. They can be used to outline a comprehensive analysis, tell a story, and align—and measure—the work happening across your community. Reports can be imported into a dashboard and interactive data visualizations can be added at any time. Choose to share your dashboard externally or internally using password protection. Every dashboard is completely customizable including the URL, header, colors and images. Below is a dashboard mySidewalk helped the City of Kansas City, Kansas to help them track progress on their initiative to make 10,000 property improvements by 2021.

See the Kansas City, Kansas SOAR Data Dashboard. 

Let us build a dashboard packed with deep insights for you.

Advanced Data Dashboards: These are dashboards our team creates for you. Our pre-built modules include templates that offer solutions for Strategic Planning, Fire Performance, Resident Satisfaction, and Economic and Downtown Development

Typically, these dashboards take 90 days or less for our team experts to build. During that time, we’ll work with you to integrate your data into our application, build content, and produce an interactive dashboard you can share. Connect with our team to learn more about an advanced data dashboard for your community. 

Who works with mySidewalk?

mySidewalk is trusted by more than 150 different civic organizations across the country including: 


The amount of effort it takes to analyze existing data means that we are limited in our ability to deliver insights to the organization and community. This capacity is additionally taxed as we integrate data that will continue to emerge through smart city infrastructure. mySidewalk will help us get more data-driven insights to more people, and save time and resources in the process.
— Julie Steenson, Deputy Performance Officer and Senior Performance Management Analyst at the City of Kansas City, Missouri

Getting started is easier and faster than you think.

Start a conversation with our team to learn how mySidewalk can simplify your workflow and improve your results. No matter where you are at in the process of using data, we can help.