Our mission at mySidewalk is to empower the public and city leaders with the most complete, clear, and real-time understanding of our communities so we can improve and innovate together. That public includes the nearly one in five Americans with a disability, such as vision loss, hearing loss, or mobility impairments. Just like we can't imagine a government building in 2019 not having wheelchair accessibility, we believe everyone should have equal access to the information we enable our clients to share publicly. See the population living with a disability in your state.


Our shared documents, including Reports, Dashboards, and Embeddable Assets are now fully ADA compliant, meet WCAG Version 2.0 Level AA accessibility guidelines, and are built with consideration for physical and visual impairments. We are committed to not only meet accessibility standards but to continually improve the user experience for everyone. Read more about our commitment to accessibility here. Below we outline some of the ways we have made our platform more accessible everyone.

Fully Responsive Shared Reports and Dashboards

Our shared reports and dashboards work at any screen size and text can be magnified without breaking the site layout.


Compatible with Assistive Technologies

Shared reports and dashboards are compatible with keyboard only navigation and assistive technologies such as screen readers, text-to-braille software, and switch access devices.


Accessibility-friendly Data Tables

Charts can be viewed as an accessibility-friendly data table.

{{Users}} can provide descriptive text to all charts and maps describing the intent of the visualization

Accessibility Visualization Descriptions

App users can provide descriptive text to all charts and maps describing the intent of the visualization.


Data Export

If an app user decides to enable data export, all maps and charts can have their underlying data downloaded as a standard CSV file for easy consumption.


Let's talk about an Accessibility for your organization.

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