Meet mySidewalk’s Strategic Planning Dashboards

As communities begin to incorporate more data into their workflow, specifically through their city’s strategic plan, the ability to track, analyze, and communicate progress on key initiatives efficiently becomes challenging.

Moving your community’s strategic plan online to a dynamic, interactive environment makes it easier to visualize data, automate updates, and tell a story beyond the numbers. It also creates an impactful, collaborative environment for measuring progress on the priorities important to your community.

We deliver strategic plans with measurable impact.

mySidewalk is working with cities across the country to move static, PDF-style strategic community plans online, shifting them into dynamic, interactive environments that align city progress with results.

The amount of effort it takes to analyze existing data means that we are limited in our ability to deliver insights to the organization and community. This capacity is additionally taxed as we integrate data that will continue to emerge through smart city infrastructure. mySidewalk will help us get more data-driven insights to more people, and save time and resources in the process.
— Julie Steenson, Deputy Performance Officer and Senior Performance Management Analyst at the City of Kansas City, Missouri

Our Dashboards make it easier to: 

  • Create a collaborative, engaging, and data-driven narrative for your community
  • Provide context to key initiatives and bucket those priorities by area of focus
  • Visualize data using auto-generated charts or graphs, including any of the 2,000+ pre-loaded datasets in mySidewalk or locally-uploaded information specific to your community (i.e. citizen satisfaction, historical data, building permits, utilities, etc.)
  • Show real-time progress and growth with automated data updates
  • Pinpoint and highlight specific places using data-infused, interactive maps with filters
  • Compare data between neighborhoods, council districts, peer cities, and locally-uploaded or areas drawn in our tool
  • Share the impact of your work with key stakeholders using exportable data, charts, and reports

All mySidewalk Dashboards are mobile-friendly and viewable on any device.

mySidewalk Strategic Planning Solutions

To see a sample of a Community Dashboard, click here. 

To see a sample of a Community Dashboard, click here. 

Community Dashboard

Our Community Dashboard solution is created by the mySidewalk team using a City Insights Template that can be ready in as little as 5 business days. This dashboard highlights 5 common areas that many communities focus on in their strategic planning process: transportation, health, education, economy, and citizen satisfaction. Each section includes data linked to key performance indicators that can help visualize progress in your community. Before we create this dashboard, we ask that you simply supply us with a banner image of choice, custom URL preference, and home page copy that outlines the goals and important priorities of your community.

Pricing for this solution is $3,500.

To see a sample of a Customized Strategic Planning Dashboard, click here. 

To see a sample of a Customized Strategic Planning Dashboard, click here

Customized Strategic Planning Dashboard

mySidewalk's Customized Strategic Planning Dashboards are based on the City Insights Template but are completely customizable to fit the priorities and initiatives your community has in place. Think of them as a jumping off point: Our team will work with yours to deliver a dashboard that includes customized tabs that match the key performance indicators you've identified in your strategic plan, curated maps that pinpoint specific community needs or highlight areas of interest, and relevant content that tells a story of growth. We'll also infuse your dashboard with data uploaded from your community. This solution can take as little as 30 days. 

Pricing for this solution is dependent on city size and need. 

To see a sample of a Partnership Program Dashboard, click here. 

To see a sample of a Partnership Program Dashboard, click here

mySidewalk Partnership Program

Our Partnership Program culminates in the production of a dashboard, but also includes access to the entire mySidewalk suite of services and on-site training from our team of experts. We'll work with your organization to identify key performance indicators, run analysis on local data and national datasets for deeper insight, automate updates to track progress on your initiatives, and, ultimately, develop a long-lasting program that helps you improve and innovate alongside the public and key stakeholders using data. 

Pricing for this solution is dependent on city size and needs of the organization. In order to provide you with accurate pricing, we'll set up a call to learn more about your community's initiatives and priorities.

Success Story 

Kansas City, MO.jpg

Kansas City Insights 

Community: Kansas City, MO
Total Population: 481,420
Department: Office of Performance Management

The goal? Connect citizen survey results to actual conditions and outcomes utilizing a medium that is dynamic, engaging, and accessible for communicating progress to stakeholders. 

How did mySidewalk help? Read their story here.  

Is your community becoming a better place to live, work, and play? 

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