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As the pressure to track, analyze, and communicate fire department performance increases, so does the desire to do more with the overwhelmingly large amounts of data being collected. We’ve developed a dashboard that makes performance data easy to summarize, evaluate, and share between staff, across stations, and with—when the time comes—your entire community. It also simplifies the process of gaining and maintaining certification, accreditation, and ISO classification.

See Boulder, CO Fire-Rescue Performance Dashboard


We’ll handle the heavy lifting when it comes to your data so you can focus on the things that matter with confidence—like improving response times, lowering fire risk, and creating a safer community.

Start with a resource that delivers. 


Streamline performance data analysis and management.


Gain a clearer understanding of performance and its impact.

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Provide residents and key officials with a stronger, more engaging story.

No data science or GIS experience is required to use or understand mySidewalk dashboards.

What's included?

mySidewalk will create your dashboard for you. Dashboard creation includes integrating your local data into our platform and blending it with thousands of datasets to run analysis. Content and insights will be provided on the dashboard. Data will be visualized as interactive maps, charts, and graphs. Goal Trackers will be added to help you monitor progress. Your dashboard will include the following reports that update automatically every 30 days:

Emergency Response

911 call analysis

Community Fire Risk Analysis

Baseline Performance Tables


Individual Fire Station Reports


mySidewalk dashboards are viewable on any mobile device. We offer subscription pricing monthly—pricing varies by city or department size.

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