Smart cities start here. 

Improve outcomes by keeping key indicators current, mapped to every location in the community, analyzed with thousands of other data points, and shared in reports & data dashboards. 

mySidewalk is for analysts in local government. 

We help analysts track key indicators, answer questions about city progress, and create reports that drive awareness and action.

How mySidewalk Works

Track key indicators & automate updates

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Perform POWERFUL geospatial ANALYSIS

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Tell a story of
progress & growth

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Ultimately, we are doing this for the citizens. If it gets measured, it gets managed. You want to be continually tracking and improving rather than being complacent.
— Ed Foley, management and budget services for Olathe, Kansas
Telling a story about how and why we are measuring neighborhood affordability and livability helps residents feel like partners in improving our city.
— Dr. Tim Mahoney, Mayor of the City of Fargo, North Dakota

Our mission is to empower city leaders and the public with the most complete, clear, and
real-time understanding of their communities so they can improve and innovate together.

You work hard for your data. What's it doing for you?

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